Clinics and Services


Clinics are held at Marston Forest Healthcare by appointment for those patients who are unable to attend Bedford Hospital (see Tests – Blood Tests Page). As well as blood tests taken for diagnosis, drug monitoring is also provided eg. INR for warfarin dosing

Maternity Care – Antenatal Clinics

We hold weekly antenatal clinics in conjunction with our midwives at all sites.

Child Health Clinic

Developmental checks and immunisations are performed.

Family Planning

Family planning appointments are available at all surgeries.

Diabetic Clinic

Specialist Practice Nurses run Diabetic Clinics by invitation. They also provide advice on diabetic control, diet and smoking.

Asthma and COPD Clinic

Our patients are offered regular appointments with the specialist asthma nurse. The nurse provides an assessment and full explanation of treatment, including teaching correct inhaler techniques.

Heart Save Clinic

These clinics are run by specialist coronary heart disease nurses.


We are offer an annual check up with the Practice Nurse for patients with a past history of stroke or transient ischaemic attack (ministroke). Patients will be invited to attend by the nurse.

Minor Surgery

The doctors carry out minor surgical procedures at Cranfield by appointment.

Minor Illness Clinic

The Minor Illness Nurses have undergone a special period of higher training and are now able to run a minor illness clinic for conditions such as viruses, rashes etc.

Influenza Vaccination

We offer a flu vaccination service in October every year to those patients who are at particular risk of influenza. These include patients over the age of 65 years, diabetics and those with chronic chest, heart or kidney problems. We do not recommend a routine vaccination for fit and healthy adults.

Outreach Services

Services include counselling, psychiatry, drug misuse and hearing advice.

Travel Clinics

We are able to provide some vaccinations (but not all) for travel on the NHS. For further information regarding travel immunisations visit our Travel Room.

Please note that on occasions, due to global shortages, we may not be able to obtain supplies.