Patient Participation Group

We are pleased to announce that what was once purely a virtual group, communicating via email & letter, will now also be a group that meets face to face on a regular basis.

What does a Patient Participation Group do?

At its simplest, the group refers to patients who wish to take a more active interest in developing local healthcare services. The idea is for patients and staff to work together to share ideas to help patients to take more responsibility for their own health and help improve the services offered at the Practice. It gives patients a say in how services are planned, developed and evaluated, by developing a good working relationship with the practice staff and GPs. Not only will we discuss services provided by our own practice but we will be discussing health promotions and local healthcare initiatives.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways. Firstly you could choose to join our group that meets regularly to discuss key areas of concern or the provision of new services or facilities. The aim would be to set up a committee who would meet on a regular basis and help plan patient group meetings and the topics to be discussed. They would also assist the surgery with undertaking surveys etc.

Alternatively you could opt to join our reference group with whom we can gather information and exchange ideas via email or letter. This group would not meet in person but could consist of up to 150 patients making up a ‘virtual’ group. This second group would be contacted from time to time to assist the PPG in creating and conducting surveys or when we require input from a larger group of patients about new services or developments.

We are looking for patients in any age group, but particularly those with young children or teenagers, carers, patients with disabilities, as well as those with long term conditions such as asthma, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes who may regularly use the services of the practice.

If you would like to join either group then please contact us via our online form or download our PPG Registration of Interest Form.