Open Letter to Patients Regarding Concerns on Behalf of the Practice

Dear Patients,

We are writing this polite open letter to all our patients. As healthcare workers, we strive to meet the needs of patients during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, fear and hysteria within the community has resulted in some appalling behaviour towards of staff at the Practice.

Aspiro Healthcare at Cranfield and Marston Surgery is a multi-cultural organisation. Of late, we have been made aware from members of staff that feel they are not respected for their race, nationality or competencies. We would like to remind all our patients that all members of staff are highly trained and competent within their roles and responsibilities. As a Practice, we adhere to our Equality and Diversity Policy without prejudice. Cranfield and Marston Surgery employ staff regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or disabilities. We strongly remind our patients to be mindful of how members of staff are addressed in any circumstances. Our members of staff are courteous, respectful and diligent to our patients and we would therefore expect members of staff to be treated in the same way by our patients.

There has also been a surge in members of staff being subjected to verbal abuse and threatening behaviour from our patients. We would like to remind our patients that we have a Zero Tolerance Policy in place at the Practice, which is available to view on our website, and any such behaviour will not be accepted or tolerated at the Practice. All members of staff deserve to be spoken to in an appropriate manner. We wish to take this opportunity to inform patients who conduct themselves inappropriately, that they will be considered to be removed as patients of the Practice. Please also note that for training and monitoring purposes, all calls are recorded.

Furthermore, members of staff have been asked to divulge their names in some circumstances. To protect our staff from public exploitation, including the channels of communication in all forms of social media, we are not obliged to divulge any staff information, including their names. In the event of a concern being brought to the attention of the Practice involving members of staff, members of staff will be identified accordingly through an internal investigation.

We hope that this open letter clarifies our position at the Practice and we hope the relationship between the Practice and our patients will continue to be maintained in a professional and respectful manner.

Yours faithfully

Lisa Marotta
Operations Manager
Cranfield and Marston Surgery