Re: Concerns on behalf of the Practice

We are writing this polite open letter to all our patients to express the concerns we are experiencing with patient behaviour towards members of staff.

We would like to remind all our patients of the Zero Tolerance Policy we have in place at the surgery. Our staff are experiencing a high volume of verbal abuse and threatening behaviour from patients which is not acceptable. Members of staff should not be made to feel intimidated or threatened in any way whilst they carry out their roles and responsibilities to help our patients.

We would like to strongly remind our patients to be mindful of how members of staff are addressed at all times. Our members of staff are courteous, respectful and diligent to our patients and we would therefore expect members of staff to be treated in the same way by our patients. All members of staff deserve to be spoken to and addressed in an appropriate manner.

We do understand that there are times when patient expectations cannot be met due to circumstances beyond our control, which understandably can cause some frustration. We also understand that patients share their frustrations with staff when we are unable to fulfil their requests when they are presented, which under these circumstances and in the interest of patient safety, we adhere to the robust policies and procedures we have in place at the Practice. Members of staff do support patients with their requests if it is feasible and safe to do so at that time.

We wish to take this opportunity to inform patients who conduct themselves inappropriately, that we will consider removing patients from the Practice register. Please also note that for training and monitoring purposes, all calls are recorded.

We hope that this open letter clarifies our position at the Practice and we hope the relationship between the Practice and our patients will continue to be maintained in a professional and respectful manner.

Yours faithfully

Lisa Marotta

Operations Manager

Cranfield and Marston Surgery